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F25 Hurricane Rocket 25 Pack

F25 Hurricane Rocket 25 Pack

SKU:2304 F25 Hurricane Rocket 5 Pack

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<p>Great value pack of 25 rockets</p>
\n<p>Small rockets</p>
\n<p>(A) Red ring</p>
\n<p>(B) Green ring</p>
\n<p>(C) Purple ring</p>
\n<p>(D) Silver ring</p>
\n<p>Medium rockets</p>
\n<p>(E) Red wave and gold strobe</p>
\n<p>(F) Purples star and green strobe</p>
\n<p>Large rockets</p>
\n<p>(G) Blue star and gold strobe</p>
\n<p>(H) Red wave and blue stars</p>
\n<p><img src="{{media url="wysiwyg/WARNING_FIREWORKS.jpg"}}" alt="" /></p>


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