If you decide to return your order you must notify us, in writing, within 14 working days of delivery.

Should you wish to return the goods it is your responsibility to take good care of the items ordered. You are the owner of the items once it has been delivered to you and you are liable for any loss or damage. Failure to take reasonable care may result in a claim against you. To minimise the risk of any such claim we ask that you retain the original packing and use it when returning the order. It is your responsibility when returning the items to ensure that they are in perfectly good condition and with the original packaging, however, Sima recognise that many customers do not have the means to do this, and so we can arrange collection during normal business hours (Monday to Friday) if requested. The charge for a return is dependant on the items ordered. Due to the items being in perfect condition and the decision to return the furniture is no fault of the business then this full charge will apply. However, if the item/s are returned on the original delivery day meaning the logistics company do not have to return the address then the charge will only be £60. Again, this is dependant on the location of customers and circumstances upon delivery and Sima Warehouse reserve the right to advise of any additional charges depending on the situation. For details on returns of Made to order bespoke items please refer to the Made to order section in our terms and conditions.