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SB354S Silver White Marble with Cover - 7 Seater Hot Tub

SB354S Silver White Marble with Cover - 7 Seater Hot Tub


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\n<h2><strong>The Unrivalled SB354S Pro - 7 Person Premium Range Hot Tub</strong></h2>
\nExperience the epitome of relaxation in the SB354S Pro, a 7 Person Premium Range hot tub. Perfect for families, holiday rentals, and makers of unique outdoor spaces, the SB354S Pro isn't just a spa - it's a paradisiacal retreat right in your backyard.
\nAs a proud recipient of the 'Gold Standard' recognition by the UK Pool &amp; Spa Awards, the SB354S Pro embodies the outstanding quality and performance that only a Sunbeach Spa can deliver. Features of this outstanding hot tub include the innovative R10 insulation technology, which earned an 'Award-Winning' super energy-saving distinction for its excellent performance.
\nWhether you're looking to create memorable family experiences or simply long for solo hot tub soaks to unwind after a busy day, the SB354S Pro is ready to astound you with its capacity for relaxation and rejuvenation. Designed to comfortably accommodate seven people, its spacious design ensures every user is rewarded with an uninterrupted soaking experience.
\nIn keeping with Sunbeach Spa's legacy of innovation, the SB354S Pro is engineered with the HSG282 compliance in mind, making it perfect for commercial applications like Holiday Homes, Glamping Parks, and Holiday Lettings. Step into the world of unsurpassed comfort and relaxation with the trusted reliability of Sunbeach Spa's products.
\nThe SB354S Pro doesn't stop at providing a gratifying dip; it's fine-tuned to save on energy costs too. To augment its energy efficiency, this premium hot tub comes with an all-season top cover that preserves heat when not in use.
\nMake your outdoor living space a hub for relaxation and wellbeing with the SB354S Pro - 7 Person Premium Range Hot Tub. This exceptional spa from Sima is more than just a hot tub, it's your ticket to an ever-present holiday, right in the warmth of your home. Make the decision to upgrade, luxuriate and let the SB354S Pro delight you in ways you've never experienced.
\n <li>Seating for a total of 7 people</li>
\n <li>Seating: 7 seats for hydrotherapy</li>
\n <li>2000 x 2000 x 800mm Dimensions: 2000 x 2000 x 800mm Power: 32 amp</li>
\n <li>Balboa TP500 tamper-proof top panel is the control system.</li>
\n <li>Balboa 3kw heater controls</li>
\n <li>Acrylic Colour: Silver, White, Marble</li>
\n <li>Shell Material: Shell AristechTM Acrylic (made in USA)</li>
\n <li>Cabinet colour: Midnight Black or Graphite Everlast</li>
\n <li>Water pump: 1 x 3HP/0.26KW</li>
\n <li>1 x 0.35hp circulation</li>
\n <li>1 × 50mg Ozone System</li>
\n <li>2 valves for air control</li>
\n <li>Filters: 2 – two-stage filtration</li>
\n <li>All four sides are insulated. ‘R10 Super’</li>
\n <li>R10 insulation and solid PVC base</li>
\n <li>Thermal cover Safety covers that are insulated and have a key lock</li>
\n <li>The number of jets is 26. Grey and Chrome</li>
\n <li>14 rotary jets</li>
\n <li>Hydrotherapy jets that are directional: 12</li>
\n <li>1 Circulation Jet</li>
\n <li>1 large LED underwater light (colour changing)</li>
\n <li>4 cup holders</li>
\n <li>LEDs in the top water line: 13 (colour changing)</li>
\n <li>Fountain with a Clear Stream: 2</li>


Width (CM): 200

Depth (CM): 200

Height (CM): 80

Weight (KG): 250



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