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Leaf Outdoor Sauna with Panoramic Rear Glass

Leaf Outdoor Sauna with Panoramic Rear Glass


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A Rear Wall of Toughened Bronze Safety Glass gives you a great view using your sauna.
\nConstructed from sustainable spruce and toughened bronze glass the Leaf Sauna is built to withstand the ravages of Scandinavian winters. The benches are made from high-quality Alderwood adding warmth and character to your sauna. With multiple wood colour options for you to choose from you can ensure the sauna fits seamlessly into your garden. You also have several heaters to choose from, whether you prefer a traditional wood fired heater or the convenience of an electric heater, you can customise your sauna experience however you like.
\n<strong>Heater Sold Separately</strong>
\nWood Colour - Charcoal Effect, Natural Effect, Woodland Red Effect
\n<ul class="ng-scope">
\n <li>Different Wood and Roof Colours Available</li>
\n <li>Height - 2200 / 2400mm</li>
\n <li>Length - 1900 / 2000mm</li>
\n <li>Glass Door: H 1690mm x L 590mm (FREE UPGRADE: 8mm Bronze Safety Glass)</li>
\n <li>28mm / 42mm Material</li>
\n <li>Alder Wood Terrace Benches</li>
\n <li>Floor Grates Material</li>
\n <li>Ventilation Holes</li>
\n <li>Drain Tap</li>


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