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Adults Long Sleeve Cozi Robe Changing Robes - Red

Adults Long Sleeve Cozi Robe Changing Robes - Red


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A Cozi-Robe stands as a specialized outdoor garment crafted to offer warmth, comfort, and practicality for outdoor enthusiasts, particularly those engaged in water-based activities amid cold and wet conditions. Here are the advantages of choosing a Cozi-Robe:

Warmth: Crafted from insulating materials, Cozi-Robes effectively retain body heat, serving as an ideal choice for staying warm post-swimming, surfing, kayaking, or any water-related activity in chilly environments. Their fleece lining ensures snug comfort.

Quick Drying: Engineered for swift drying, Cozi-Robes are crucial for sustaining comfort after becoming wet. This feature aids in preventing chills while changing out of damp clothing.

Changing Privacy: A standout attribute of Cozi-Robes lies in their design, offering a portable changing area. This enables changing in and out of wet gear without exposure to the elements or others, providing added privacy and convenience.

Windproof and Waterproof: Cozi-Robes boast windproof and water-resistant qualities, effectively shielding against cold winds and safeguarding from rain or splashes.

Versatility: Beyond water sports, these robes prove valuable for diverse outdoor activities like camping, hiking, triathlons, and situations requiring swift warm changes or elemental protection.

Comfortable Design: Many Cozi-Robes feature a loose, relaxed fit, ensuring comfort over wet or dry attire. Often equipped with adjustable hoods, pockets, and other enhancements for added comfort and utility.

Mobility: Despite their warmth and coverage, Cozi-Robes are designed to facilitate a broad range of movement, vital for activities such as changing clothes, stretching, or gearing up.

Durability: Engineered for rugged outdoor use, Cozi-Robes are fashioned from durable materials capable of enduring wear and tear.

Easy Maintenance: Simplified cleaning and upkeep characterize Cozi-Robes, a crucial trait for outdoor gear subjected to regular dirt or moisture.

Safety: Besides ensuring warmth and dryness, Cozi-Robes available in bright or reflective colors enhance visibility in low-light conditions, contributing to safety.

Additional Specifications:

Made with 100% recycled fabrics.
Features a full-length 2-way reversible YKK zip.
Equipped with external fleece-lined pockets for added convenience.
Includes large soft-lined internal poachers pockets.
Comes with an internal smartphone pocket for secure storage.
Offers a large fleece-lined hood for added warmth and protection.


Width (CM):

Depth (CM):

Height (CM):

Weight (KG):

Colour: Red

Material: Shell 100% Nylon - Overall composition 100% Polyester

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