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For most interior design enthusiasts, French Grey furniture is a must-have. Many are attracted to the quality and uniqueness that comes with this our furniture. This style represents unparalleled class and a touch of style. From tables, television cabinets and chairs to wardrobes, beds and chests of drawers, this style is all the rage.


Originally Victorian, French Grey is viewed by many people as a classic shade because of its versatility. It is suitable for both traditional and modern decors. You really need not compromise on taste or preference with French Grey furniture - it gives you a taste of both worlds.

Inspired by the French style of painting, French Grey furniture is a mix of class and comfort. It blends tradition with modernity, maintaining a Victorian aspect while still incorporating recent styles. This type of furniture is not only luxurious but also exudes a homely feel.

Why our French Grey Furniture range is so popular


This shade blends in perfectly in both modern and traditional style of furniture. Whether you are looking for a vintage feel or a more up-to-date look, our French Grey is the way to go. What’s more, it blends well with various colours including green, Mister David and Marigold. If you want furniture that will not limit the interior designer in you, then look no further.


French Grey is a very cool colour, with has a homey feel to it. It is, in a way, quite calming which is what makes this range so sought after. The furniture effortlessly turns a house into a home; a comfortable place to be in.


French Grey sets your furniture apart from the rest. It’s a shade that stands out because of how it manifests in different lighting. It is almost as though the colour of your furniture changes with the lighting of the room at different times of the day. Subtle during the day and a little more obvious at dawn, this shade provides the perfect illusion.

A touch of class

Due to the vintage feel of the colour, French Grey furniture is exquisite and exudes a degree of class. Inspired by the French and considered Victorian, this style of furniture is luxurious and to a great extent, fit for royalty. It is classy and exquisite which attracts many to it. After all, who wouldn't want a little class in their homes?


With the ever changing trends, you need furniture that will not go out of style as soon as you buy it. While change is good, who wants to replace furniture every season? French Grey furniture has refused to go out of style, adapting instead to the changing times.


The colour French Grey works perfectly with most colours. This means that our French Grey furniture will allow other colours in the room to be seen rather than draining them. It is therefore very effective in toning down other overbearing colours that may be present in a room. It draws just the right amount of attention.

The great thing with thisrange, is that it comes in all shapes, sizes and functions. There is something for every room be it the living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom. 

This furniture may be fancy but there is more to it than just its beautiful appearance and fine finish. A lot of care is put into the making and final finish of our French Grey furniture, ensuring it lasts the tests of time, weather and dust. 

As always, we stock furniture for the whole home; from the lounge, living room, dining room and kitchen to the bedroom.


Furnishing the home is a very intimate process and we treat it as just that. You want a company that understands your needs even before you state them. Well, we go beyond just your needs. As a business we strive to ensure that your furniture is tailored specifically for you. While we do not make it ourselves, we understand our customers' desires and are always on the lookout for products that best fulfill those needs.

In addition, we offer the best quality in the market. Our collection of French Grey furniture is like no other, as durable as it is fabulous. Whether your preferred theme is vintage or modern, we've got you covered. Why not shop from the best in the business? Let us help you achieve that French look today. Visit us online today and choose from a wide selection of irresistible French grey furniture for your home.